Disney-Frozen (U)

I loved it! Growing up I was an outside girl so I never really watched TV, movies etc so I Frozenam ashamed to say that yes I haven’t watched many Disney films. But I am catching up with all the latest ones and this is a great Disney film which I believe is catching up with avatar with the best  movies. (Don’t quote me on that).  But it is the best EVER Disney film in my opinion. I loved it! and so should you!. The best bit, sorry for anyone if am about to ruin it for has got to be (apart form Olaf the amazing snowman of-course) the message it gives to young children, girls, that you don’t need a man to save you or look after you etc etc etc. The bright colors make the film more exciting and interesting. The editing really did show how amazing technology and STUFF has become. And of course something I can not forget the amazing song, Let it go sang by Demi Lovato and Idina Menzel which EVERYBODY is singing. Such a great film which I recommend to anybody of all ages, perfect for a girly night in with so much chocolate. The amount of times i have actually watched this film I would have to call it my favorite Disney film its just sooooo good.:)


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