Need For Speed (12A)

Now this was an interesting film. I did like it because I think it did have a kind of fast and furious feel to it. Fast cars, obviously, and a guy with a husky voice, yum, and of course for the lads the hNeed For Speedot woman. I do admit this is a little bit predictable, just a  little bit but it is still entertaining. Before I watched this film everybody I spoke to did have very low expectations of this film because of the fact it was a little bit like the fast and furious films, but it does have a different story line and ending (sorry for ruining it for the people who having seen it yet). I am not sure if a next one is made that it would work and be as good but only time will tell. I’m not giving his film enough  credit. The acting was great and being able to watch a woman in a action film not be a damsel in distress just made it so much better. She was smart, funny and goofy. Toby Marshall is somebody who I have never heard but probably have seen before in film just not recognized him, you will have to let me know which films he has been and I shall watch:D. All in all, good film great acting and explosions, I love a good explosions, recommend to adults obviously!.<3


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