300-Rise of an Empire (15)

300-Rise of an EmpireThis is my THIRD time of writing this, not a happy bunny. Anyway, overview, men topless, lots of violence, sex and a bit of boob. Yes this is a very violent film and it something I would stay away from because I do not like gory violence and icky blood everywhere in films, just no. But this was a good film. The narrative I could understand enough to enjoy the film but I have not seen the other movies before this one so I found it difficult and I was the annoying person in the corner asking all the random questions like “who is she?”, “why is she saying that?” and “What’s happening?”.  This is not a film which I would pay to go and see because of reasons above^^^ but because I get into the cinema to watch films for free and I was practically dragged there I thought why not?:D. The gore wasn’t that bad after all because the scenes in which people where getting attacked and stabbed and stuff, the footage was slowed down and you couldn’t really see what had happened all you can see is all the blood which made it a little easier to watch. Overall if you can cope with violence and topless men;D then i totally recommend this great film!


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