Lego Movie (U)

Everything is awesomeeeeeeee! This is a different film which I never thought I would enjoy, but with a rating of 8.3 I thought why not?. So because I decided to live lie to the full I found another film which Channing Tatum is in/ voices in and I loved it. The catchy songImage “Everything is Awesome” helps people remember this animated film. The narrative was a little boring but it is a children’s film after all, so it doesn’t really matter right?. This film is very popular and everybody is talking about and I can understand why. This is a greatly made film which is unique. Everybody is fascinated by it because it is a film based around Lego, yes Lego. I have to admit this is not a film I could watch many times in a month because I would probably¬†go a little crazy. I would definitely recommend it to other people mainly to a younger audience but i am sure adults would enjoy it to:). It the fact that it is about Lego that amazes me. The film really is interesting because of this. Its a great, unique film which is great for the family.


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