The Grand Budapest Hotel (15)

The Grand Budepest HotelNow this was a really weird and different film. I will admit I didn’t like the look of it and I did look down my nose at it, thinking its going to be some old, stupid film which would waste my time watching it. I was wrong and I did like it…a lot. I think this film is probably so under estimated of how good it is. In my opinion this film is very funny and peculiar and I would recommend it to people. Its not the type of funny which you would watch to brighten up your day in my opinion but it is funny, weird funny. Its looks and has the feel of a vintage old film but at the same time its modern, yes have fun trying to figure that one out;D. It does star Jude Law which also surprised me because I thought it would of been advertised a lot more because of the celebrity endorsement but that could just be me living in a bubble:D. I also enjoyed how the movie was cut up in sections (this is me choosing the most boring tings to talk about)  the movie had chapters which helped you understand what was happening which really helped he film become more unique and different.  I would have to warn you that this film is a little rude at times but it is humorous. overall this film was definitely not what I expected and would recommend it to people but I would also recommend you to look at trailers and other comments about it just encase you really wouldn’t like it:D Enjoy.


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