Muppet’s Most Wanted (U)

I’m not going to lie but this is a film which I hate. I didn’t even have to watch the film before I knew I hated it. This is my own fault, obviously, I spent a week working a Muppet’s film and all I heard and watched was this terrible Muppet’s film. Hate me. As you Muppets Most Wantedcan tell already I wasn’t looking forward to this film:D but it was OK. Very cheesy, happy music and completely a kids film. This is a good film but very predictable and wow does miss piggy annoy me. But Celine Deon is in it which was great because I am a huge fan!  There is a little bit there for the adults with having the joke of the singer USHER playing the usher in the wedding…funny. I would recommended for 3 years old but I wouldn’t bore the adults with this film but again this is totally my opinion and persuaded by the hate for th
e last film.Sorry.


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