The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (12A)

The Amazing SpidermanThis film was hilarious! I loved it and everybody who watched it should and would understand why:D. I could not WAIT for this film, I thought it was sooo entertaining, interesting and funny, I could go on and go on but I wont bore you right now:D. Spider man still remains cocky and funny but we wouldn’t want him any other way. Having his own spider man song as his ring tone was a great touch and had me laughing every time I watched this film. I’m definitely getting the poster for this film and sticking it right in the middle of my bedroom wall! I love the name spider man gives the bad guy “sparkles” which is a name I am going to keep and maybe name a future pet:D. But the bad guy soon retaliates by saying “lets go catch a spider” urg I love it. This is such a good film and you must go and watch it! Go now:D. The best thing is that a scene from the film was based in Newyork which is a place where I had been and I was the girl in the corner saying “I have been there” and “I have stood there”. I definitely understand why its called “The AMAZING Spider-Man”. All I have to say to summaries is go and watch it or you are missing out! ❤


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