The Quiet Ones (15)

The Quit OnesI do like a good horror because I love the adrenaline pump/rush, but this film was on a different level. I got quit frightened at parts of this film because the acting was so great it became so realistic at times. Well that’s what I thought of what I saw of the film because I admit I was watching most of the film through my fingers on the edge of my seat. The narrative in general was interesting, a couple of unexpected turns and twists but a little predictable but was good to watch and keep up with. I did prefer the film “MAMA” if any one has see that terrifying film. I think that is because “Mama” had a lot more jumpy, scary moments and the narrative was well thought out. But this blog is not about “Mama” it is about “The Quiet Ones”, I am just rambling on… This film does have an oldish feeling to it which I think helps the film become a bit more interesting and adds to the tension. This film was interesting to watch and I would love to know what inspired this film. I would recommend this film to horror lovers but don’t expect TO much:D Enjoy ❤


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