X-Men-Days Of Future Past (12A)

X-MenAgain, yes you are all probably thinking that I have never seen a film before this year, but this is the first X-Men film I have watched ever. I had high hopes for it and I was so excited because Jenifer Lawrence was is in which was something that persuade me to go and watch it in the first place. Just a hint for the lads who are going to watch it, you get to see Jenifer Lawrence pretty much naked through out this film…your welcome. I have to admit this film wasn’t as good as I had expected but I have already explained the high expectations I had for this film. I have now watched this film 6 times in total and would love to get the poster for this film. If you read my blog then you would probably know by now that I do love a great fight scene and this film was full of them, obviously Jenifer Lawrence pulled it of, yes this is a girl crush going on.The acting was great and I loved the dude who could move soo fast.I found him hilarious:D I would definitely recommend this film to everybody, obviously not to children under maybe 6/7 as they may not have a clue of what going on. Go watch this film as its great, enjoy<3


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