Godzilla (12A)

GodzillaI think it is just going to be me but Godzilla is sooo freaking cute! I would love a mini Godzilla, I would probably change his name to fluffy for the laughs and because I can but woooooooow:D. Anywhoooo, I loved it! This is another film which I wasn’t interested in so I never watched it, another film with low expectations but I ended up loving the hell out of. SPOILER ALERT, I never thought Godzilla was the good guy, I don’t know if this is a new thing and this is the first Godzilla film which he is the good guy but yes he turns out to be he good guy kind of. The people who have watched this would understand. I am sooo sorry if I have ruined it for you because you have not seen it. The effects and editing for this film is amazing, I mean i know technology has developed so well in the past couple of years but this is a whole new level. Until I sat down to write this and think about the film I have only just remembered that editing has been done to make the monsters there in the film. At the time and after watching this film I actually thought they where in the movie!(If that even makes sense, sorry) I will stop going on now:D. I am fascinated on how they have done it and how long it took for them to do it. Amazing. I think this is such a great film, the acting was great and it also had such a great narrative. I think it was well thought out. Over all I have probably watched this film enough for all of you but I still think you need to go and watch this film Cheers, Enjoy ❤


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