Bad Neighbours (15)

Bad NeighboursThis is such a funny film. I wasn’t expecting it to be this funny. I also didn’t think I would like it because I was expecting it to be very cheesy and I don’t really like that kind of thing, I just find it stupid and cringey. Zac Efron totally mad it better, a couple of topless shots for the ladies;Dperfect. Seth Roger and Rose Byrne where hilarious through out this film and I have to warn you that the first couple of minutes of this film is soo awkward especially if your going to watch it with our parents:L.  The baby is soooo cute, no I am not going to become broody as my boyfriend did worry about but cuteeeee.  The narrative was a little bit dry but this film is hilarious and I do recomend you to go and watch it.  I am going to say it one more time, Zac Efron is fit! Enjoy ❤


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