Khumba (U)

KumbaKhumba the zebra is so cute:D I think there should be half striped zebras more often. The first time I had seen this film advertised was when my boss put the poster up and I just looked at it not expecting anything at all, just like some of the other films I have written about, once again I loved it. I watched this film so many times when I was working. I judge way to quickly at first sight of a film poster or advert and it is always the film that I never thought much of that are really good:). I do find this film a little different to what you would normally expect from a children’s film but again it is still a little predicable. The bad guy, sorry if I ruin it for anybody, I feel sorry for:/ I cant help it, I don’t think it was his fault he ended up the way he did but once again this is me going way to deep about a children’s film which the director himself probably didn’t even think about. I also found the dog who tricks Khumba in the beginning of the film cute but that’s just me:D. The goofy zebra made the film for me, when ever he was on screen I howled with laughter and I don’t know why, he was just funny. I do recommend it as it is funny, entertaining and different. Enjoy<3


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