A Million ways to Die in The West (15)

Completely recommendable, this film was/is hilarious. I do know two people who did not like the film but…it was great:D. I never heard of this film before work had got it on release but I have watched it so many times and I cant forget it.  This film was fun to watch and to listen to and you also get to see Liam Neeson as a bad guy and actually die in a film, obviously not in really life but his character. That surprised me a lot and to be honest I was not happy. This film is still hilarious though. Some people may not like it and I think this because of what kind of humor this film contains. In a way its cheesy but definitely has a twist at the end!. This is such a ridiculous film I would recommend to everybody and I will also be going to see it may times! enjoy!.


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