Postman Pat the Movie (U)

Postman patThis film was great!. Completely didn’t expect to be watching what I did. Its obviously very cheesy and over acted and stuff because it is a child’s film but because I think its the first Postman Pat film I didn’t know what to expect from the film. There is something there for the adults because Simon COWBELL is included, we all know who it is meant to be!. He is there in character and personality. The song that Postman Pat sings is so good and I have listened to it so much. Ronan Keating is who is actually singing it, just to let you know it called With you. I am being picky but I loved the little details like the pear on the tablet that someone was using instead of an apple. This is such a funny film that I would recommend to everybody because adults would of grown up with Postman Pat and then children would be watching it. Great to keep the kids occupied. Enjoy<3


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