Maleficent (PG)

Get ready for me to go on and on about Angelina Jolie. This is such a great fMaleifcentilm and I loved every minute of it.  Angelina Jolie completely pulled it of and this is a film that everybody would and hopefully does love. I have to admit this film is a little dark and I wasn’t expecting how much physical violence was in this film, its not as bad AS I am saying it, I am making out that this is completely unsuitable for children but if you take your children to watch this film just be warned.  When Jolie’s daughter plays her part it made this film better, her cuteness just just awwwwww. Everything about this film is great, the narrative,the acting, a bit of humor but the story and the fairy tale of the film came alive with the imagination that was put into this film and it was great. I completely recommend this film to people because this is something that can be watched so many times and not get bored of it, so
magical and amazed at the story behind Maleficent.

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