Transformers-Age of Extinction(12A)

I loved this film, it is crazy long but I loved it. I watched it so many times I cant get enough of it. The editing to make the transformers, not technical at all, was amazing! Another thing I have to add to my wish list would be a transformer, preferably bumblebee because he is […]

A Fault in Our Stars (12A)

I cried, and many, many other people cried, don’t try to pretend you didn’t. It is such an inspiration and really makes you realize how lucky you are to have certain people and that you and your partner, family and friends are safe and well. I have spoke to people who have said that the […]

How to train your Dragon 2 (PG)

I really want my own dragon but my boyfriend had to explain to me that if dragons exist, unfortunately they don’t, that they don’t look cute and cuddly like they do in the film and would probably eat me, that’s a let down. This film was very capturing and I loved every minute of it, […]

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’ Movie

Hilarious, completely hilarious. This film admittedly wasn’t as funny I was expecting but that is probably because the program has created high expectations for me, the program is great don’t you think? I loved that they kept in a couple of moments where they didn’t get lines right or something went wrong just like the […]