Mrs Brown’s Boys D’ Movie

Hilarious, completely hilarious.

This film admittedly wasn’t as funny I was expecting but that is probably because the program has created high expectations for me, the program is great don’t you think?
I loved that they kept in a couple of moments where they didn’t get lines right or something went wrong just like the program and that really made this film unique for me. The opening to the film was unexpected but I think made it more fun and interesting. I know this isn’t really part of the film but I am going to say it anyway. Before the film actually starts Agnes’ Brown’s voice says about the exits and when she does this you can hear her voice in every corner of the room, I think this was excellent and when she says something like “grab the nearest man encase you have to ejaculate the building” made such a difference to everybody’s mood before the film had even started. I do think the narrative could of been a little more imaginative and then there could of been a couple more laughs in there somewhere, but over all great film.
This is me being stupid probably but could somebody tell me who the sixth child is, I am a huge Mrs Brown’s fan but I do now know who the other child is, there is the daughter, the gay son, the one that dresses up for a job, the one that can not read and then there is the vicar who travels to different countries, but who is the sixth…

Anyway, thanks for reading, have a look at my other blog where I rant about different subjects Thank you, Enjoy<3.


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