A Fault in Our Stars (12A)

I cried, and many, many other people cried, don’t try to pretend you didn’t. It is such an inspiration and really makes you realize how lucky you are to have certain people and that you and your partner, family and friends are safe and well. I have spoke to people who have said that the film is not as sad as the book which is why I have decided I am really not going to read the book because I have done enough crying to last the next couple of years after this film. Even moments when there was nothing to be sad about or cry for I would just burst out in tears, I am a hormonal mess when watching this film. I do have to admit that I found it very interesting to see loads of people’s different reactions to this film. There is hardly anything I can say about this film because it is the type of film which you need to watch it be able to understand how amazing and inspirational this movie is. It is completely recommendable and I really think you should watch it if you haven’t already of course. I don’t think that children should watch it even though it is a 12A film. I just think this doesn’t seem like the kind of film which a child should watch, very deep.

I hope you enjoyed this and please leave a comment telling me about what you think of this film. Also make sure you have a look at my other blog http://whatanopinion.wordpress.com/ where I rant about things and also talk bout things:D enjoy<3


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