How to train your Dragon 2 (PG)

I really want my own dragon but my boyfriend had to explain to me that if dragons exist, unfortunately they don’t, that they don’t look cute and cuddly like they do in the film and would probably eat me, that’s a let down. This film was very capturing and I loved every minute of it, I have seen this film so many times. But wow the amount of dragons in this film they could share? The music during this film was also great and it really made the film makes it so much better. I would love a dragon but the Alpha’s at the end with the huge fight made me decide I didn’t want an Alpha I will stick with toothless:D. This film is perfect for children and because it is such a good film of course the adults would enjoy it as well. during this film there are great speeches and good advice for the audience watching this film. I can not actually believe the father died at the end, I thought that he got hit from toothless but would either get better or just stand back up again. I was heart broken to find out he was dead, I thought he was hilarious and a great character. The way that they drew arrows set on fire and aimed at the boat which carried the farther was very dramatic and a great scene to watch. This is a great film and I really do recommend it for anybody who wants a family film for the night, great.

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