Transformers-Age of Extinction(12A)

I loved this film, it is crazy long but I loved it. I watched it so many times I cant get enough of it. The editing to make the transformers, not technical at all, was amazing! Another thing I have to add to my wish list would be a transformer, preferably bumblebee because he is my favorite, or Optimus Prime, no I think it could be Hound, oh the options, I will just have them all?:D. I love it when Optimus Prime “auto bots fallback” it is in his voice when I imagine him saying it, I love it. I personally don’t know why there where such bad reviews of this films seeing as it was AMAZING although it was very long, I will give that to the film critics. The explosions and the fighting scenes was intense and I love myself a great fight scene:D so exciting!. One thing that really annoyed me though would have to be the dopey daughter character. She would get herself into situations and just scream for daddy. That annoyed me a lot , gives a bad representation of women, wont start a rant about that. But yes this film is very recommendable because it is so much fun to watch, it has its comedy parts but intense fighting moments. I have to say though I did love love love the ending and I speak along with it every time. “I am Optimus Prime and this is a message to my creators, leave planet earth alone, because I am coming for you!” I am Pretty sure that is how it goes, a little embarrassing if it doesn’t but ah well *sigh*. I did enjoy this film very much.

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