Earth To Echo(PG)

What a film. This in my opinion was a flop. I wanted to leave half way through and it was not interesting to me. I could just be being very cruel. Yes I am being very cruel. It can’t be that bad as may people have turned up to see this film. In all fairness it is an alright film but the way it is filmed it was terrible, I’m hoping I am not the only person thinking this other wise I will sound really critical. But this could be made a much better film by having a bit more of an interesting narrative and also they needed to stop the camera holding, I don’t know what it is called, but blinking heck couldn’t they have just got a proper camera man the whole way through the film? Please?. I am sure that this film was loved by many but in my opinion it was not very thought out. Although I would love to have a little Echo, he looks so cute!. I even tried(this sounds stupid, don’t judge me!) tried making my own little teddy thing. MOVING ON. The editing and animation of this film was good though, there you go, something good about this film. Very well done there people. But I am still going to to stick to my opinion of this film is not something I would pay to watch because I didn’t enjoy it but sorry to anyone who did like this film!:D I wouldn’t recommend this film but I do need to remember that this is a child’s film so I am not sure what I was expecting.

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