Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (12A)

I will start this blog by saying that the narrative and everything is great. Saying this I didn’t like it. I’m really sorry to anyone who loves this film but it just bored me. In all fairness the film before this one scared me when I was little, I watched it with my Grandad when I was about 7 (I know that is actually quit old but oh well). I did get extremely bored while watching this film and did leave every now and then to find something else to do because I just didn’t have the patience to watch it. This could of been because of my own personal reasons, which I said before. So in this case I will just say the good thing about it. Like I said at the beginning of this blog it was a good film, the editing CGI was AMAZING, the monkeys looked real and I did love that part of the film. I keep going back on myself by saying it bored me but then changing my mind by saying how great of a film it was but lets hope you understand where I am coming from. The narrative was good and realistic, obviously not with the talking monkeys though, what I mean is that when you watch a film which obviously wouldn’t happen it ruins the film, for me anyway, where this film, minus the talking monkeys would be possible, the world uses up supplies and so on. I would recommend this film as to many other people it is a film which is interesting but in my opinion (as you have probably already figured out) bored me, but all in all great narrative, well thought out and just wow the editing of this film!. Enjoy ❤

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