Guardians Of The Galaxy (12A)

Absolutely loved this film. Never heard of the comic books or the much about this film until the day the cinema I work for got it. But flipping heck I enjoyed this film a lot. The humor in this film was great. I would love to have one of those arrows, the one where he whistled to make it do what he wanted but I cant actually whistle so that wouldn’t end very well…would probably end up stabbing myself. Anyway, this is a great film for all the family, not much violence and fighting but understandable and entertaining for both adults and the little ones. This film is a must see or you are missing out big time. I haven’t heard one bad thing said about this film. I do desperately want a Groot though. Spoiler alert for anybody who hasn’t seen the film, I am sooo upset that Groot never grew back to full size at the end. I know there is the small one growing in the pot which is quite humorous but I still miss the grown up, big Groot. I just wanted him to turn up with the big new ship that they fix at the end. Very heartbreaking moment for me. I do now understand the part at the very end of the movie, after the credits, funny but I was very confused when I had no idea why it was there. Any who, this film is very recommendable, actually I would tell you to watch it right now, if I could! Perfect for a night in with loads of goodies, I just love it!

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