Pudsey-The Dog-The Movie(U)

I love the dog and everything but I am not quite sure why this film was made. He is a clever dog and I loved to see a film like this but other than that I did not enjoy this film that much, I would not pay to see this film. This is a film which is like I have already said is a little rubbish but because it is so upbeat it gets you watching it. The songs in this film are very catchy and I loved signing along and dancing! I did have a lot of fun with the songs:D. It is a great film for the children but for the adults I am not to sure, I know its a children’s film so it wouldn’t be for the adults but I think for the adults to want to take their children they should be attracted to the film as well as the children. To ruin the film (I am sorry) in some parts of the film you can see the dog being given treats after he had done something right in the scene. I did enjoy this film to an extent, I have seen worse films but I wasn’t a fan completely and would not personally pay to watch this film.

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