The House of Magic (U)

This film is not a big film and what I know of it wasn’t advertised that much so when we got this film as work I had no idea what is was about and what it would be like. I have to admit this was such a great and fun film though. I admit I couldn’t figure out whether the cat was a boy or a girl to start of with because of the voice. I would recommended this film because I generally liked it and I think it is something that would keep the children interested. It wouldn’t scare them or teach them something wrong or give them a bad habit. It was just a fun and happy movie of a ginger cat having an adventure. I was a little upset that the cat was homeless and a stray, I just don’t like the idea of animals not having a home to cuddle up in but I get way to emotional about that problem. I think this film should of had a bit more advertisement because it could of gone far but ah well. I would definitely recommend it and hope you enjoy or enjoyed it if you have already watched it.

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