Into The Storm(12A)

I promise I am catching up! I absolutely loved this film! I have to admit that these kind of films have never been something I am keen to watch because everybody always says that they are all the same and lets face it a disaster film is always depressing but wow. This is a film […]

The Inbetweeners Movie (15)

I am so behind on my movie writing…sorry. To me this film was not as good as the previous Inbtweeners film but it was funny. The advert of this film made it seem like it was going to be disgusting,rude and downgrading but it wasn’t and I enjoyed it a lot. This film was a […]

The Expendables(15)

Absolutely loved this film, completely. This is the first film of The Expendables I have ever seen. But out of all the action films I have watched this year this is definitely my favorite and I say that with pride! Don’t judge me. But yes this, in my opinion, is such a great film. I […]

Planes-Fire and Rescue(U)

Hi! I am back, I haven’t written anything in a while but don’t you worry… Not many people seemed to like this film but considering some of the films I have watched this is a good film. I enjoyed it loads. This film would of been much better watching it in 3D but ah well […]