Planes-Fire and Rescue(U)

Hi! I am back, I haven’t written anything in a while but don’t you worry…
Not many people seemed to like this film but considering some of the films I have watched this is a good film. I enjoyed it loads. This film would of been much better watching it in 3D but ah well it doesn’t matter. I can tell already I am going to be going on a bit of a rant. The narrative was something I didn’t quit understand to start of with, but that is because I always expect films to have narratives which would actually happen in real life but obviously being the 18 year old that I am, I am slowly coming to understand the fact that not all films will have plain, obvious narratives that are very life like. And there is the rant. This is a film full of fun, entertainment and great for the family, if I do say so myself, I loved it! I do recommend it although I do feel like my opinion is a little off as like I have already said not to many people came to watch this film, it was a bit of a flop but yes, I personally loved it and would definitely recommend it… flipping heck.


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