The Expendables(15)

Absolutely loved this film, completely. This is the first film of The Expendables I have ever seen. But out of all the action films I have watched this year this is definitely my favorite and I say that with pride! Don’t judge me. But yes this, in my opinion, is such a great film. I have to admit some of the people that I went to watch this film with said they felt like the producers used the same fighting scenes over and over again and that the same people kept being killed, but they think they are comedians and know one cares what they think, right? I love the amount of guns and fighting that is in this film, I have to admit it was very bad editing and so on but who cares, the narrative made up for it. Jason Statham is fit in this film but what more do we expect from such an amazing actor *crush*. But yes, this film doesn’t have much gore and guts but so much action it is sooo good and I would recommend it for sure! I loved every second of it, if you haven’t already figured that out;D.

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