Into The Storm(12A)

I promise I am catching up!

I absolutely loved this film! I have to admit that these kind of films have never been something I am keen to watch because everybody always says that they are all the same and lets face it a disaster film is always depressing but wow. This is a film which I would recommend! There I said it, I could just end the blog right now because I have said everything that needs to be said but I am going to keep going. I go on and on and on sometimes. The amount of CGI and editing and how they have done it just makes the whole thing look real. I have to admit the first time I watched this film I completely forgot about the fact that the twisters and so on where not actually there. I just thought the whole thing was real. It was not until I came out and a customer said to me about how amazing it is that technology has advanced so much to be able to make this kind of film and for it to look real. But yes if you have not already guessed I loved the film and would definitely recommend it to anybody and everybody. I am sorry if this blog is more of me rambling then about the actual film! Enjoy<3


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