The Inbetweeners Movie (15)

I am so behind on my movie writing…sorry.

To me this film was not as good as the previous Inbtweeners film but it was funny. The advert of this film made it seem like it was going to be disgusting,rude and downgrading but it wasn’t and I enjoyed it a lot. This film was a film that I went to see in my own time and not just in work so that is saying a lot on its own. I am disappointing that this will be the last film they make, the program is also not being made anymore so a lot was expected, from me anyway, from this film and I definitely think it gave it. I could easily tell why this film has a 15 rating. So will you once you have seen it. I think this film was full of funny moments and some attempted seriousness which just turned into once again a laughing moment. I have to admit there was one moment in the film which did nearly make me sick, sorry if I am about to ruin it but anyone who has seen this film may already know which bit I am on about. The part of the film when (I cant remember his name) the one with glasses went down the water slide with a piece of poo *gagging* following him down and *more gagging* lands on his face. I was not impressed. I would recommend this film, not to children obviously because flipping heck lots of
swearing and bad just so many bad things could come from letting your children watch this film! Enjoy ❤


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