Lets Be Cops(15)

This is such a hilarious film! I love it. I didnt get to watch it many times but once was enough to understrand how funny this film actually was/is. It is something I would recomened to everybody old enough to watch it, it is soooo funny.  Some parts of this film is a little cheesy […]

Sin City (18)

This was a really weird but cool film. I am not normally a fan of black and white films, something about them just irritates me but this film was different. I have to admit I did have to leave during a couple of scenes because I just couldn’t deal with some scenes which involved violence. I am not good with bloody […]

The Unbeatables (U)

I have probably said this loads of times, but I am back! My laptop broke so had to get a new one and now hopefully am back into the blogs again. This is a sweet, fun little film. Not advertised much and I believe this film was not made in Britain but is still a decent watch. The animation is great […]