Sin City (18)

This was a really weird but cool film. I am not normally a fan of black and white films, something about them just irritates me but this film was different. I have to admit I did have to leave during a couple of scenes because I just couldn’t deal with some scenes which involved violence. I am not good with bloody moments. But I do like a good horror, weird.  Anyway this is a good film with some great actors in it. It was nothing like I expected it to be and was very good to watch. This was another film that I enjoyed going to watch more then just once. And this film managed to keep me occupied every time. It does have a couple of sex scene so be prepared;D .I always found something new and interesting in this film every time I would sit and watch it. I would definitely recommend it and I have sent many friends to watch it and they have enjoyed it. Although I do have to worn you many other people have come out of the cinema after watching this film and said it wasn’t what they liked and that they found it rather boring. So I would recommend watching the trailer first as it does seem to be like mar-mite, you either love it or you either hate it, I loved it and I hope you enjoy this film to, Enjoy<3


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