The Unbeatables (U)

I have probably said this loads of times, but I am back! My laptop broke so had to get a new one and now hopefully am back into the blogs again.

This is a sweet, fun little film. Not advertised much and I believe this film was not made in Britain but is still a decent watch. The animation is great and I am pretty sure there is a couple of famous voices in this film as well. I watched this film many times and surprisingly never got bored. The narrative and story line of this film is also interesting although I didn’t like the attitude towards girls half way through this film. The attitude was that girls are not worth the hassle, I didn’t like that but there was no harm intended I am sure. I was surprised to hear a word that would not normally be used in a (U) film so please be prepared. But over all this is a very good film, I believe that it should of had a little more advertisement but I am sure it did better in other places such as where this film was created. I do recomend this film as it is a good little film, I have seen better but I have definitely seen worse:D, Enjoy<3


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