Lets Be Cops(15)

This is such a hilarious film! I love it. I didnt get to watch it many times but once was enough to understrand how funny this film actually was/is. It is something I would recomened to everybody old enough to watch it, it is soooo funny.  Some parts of this film is a little cheesy but it has the right amount of actiona and comedy in it, to me this film is perfect. A couple of big names playing the main charactors. I was crying with laughter I have to admit. It is just plain humure but like I said can be a little cheesy. This film, actually makes me want to be a police woman because they make it look so much fun!. This is easily one of the best films out this year (2014). If you can not tell I love this film and would recomend it to anybody like I have already said, it is a film that everybody would enjoy, women, men so your wlecome lads you can take your girlfriend to this one and she would hopefully enjoy it!. Enjoy<3


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