My Trip to Newyork

I would just like to explain that there could be many spelling mistakes and things that dont make sence because I am liking the idea of writing blogs on my phone while I am out and about. It has been over a year since I went to newyork with my 6th form as part of […]

Animal Abuse

I have titled this blog as animal abuse but what I want to talk about and, be warned have a complete rant about, is far worse then just “abuse”. Im talking about how so called Animal protective sights on facebook ect are adding footage of animals being skinned alive. The one video I have watched […]


I am writing this blog because I am currently staying at my Grandparents house and they are just the best. I have only had one set of grandparents and they are all I need. I hope that every bodies grandparents are as amazing as mine! But seriously I depend on them for pretty much everything […]

What We Did On Our Holiday(12A)

This is one heck of a weird film! The narrative was totally unexpected but the acting and choice of actors and actresses was great. But like I said the narrative was an interesting one. To me a very unique film and something I would happily watch again. You do have to have a watch of […]


I love my pets! I grew up to the age of about 14 when I was able to get my first pet I could play with. I did have fish but I mean you cant pet those and throw the ball for them so do they count as good pets. Anyway yes my first dog […]

Self Control

My self control is terrible, one of my biggest down falls. When I go out drinking with friends I am such a light weight because I drink my drink so quickly because I know I have it. I cant control myself not to pick it up and drink more because its there, its the same […]


This is going to be a post written on my phone which might even get deleted and then re-written on my laptop. Forgive any bad spelling or dramaticly bad sentences…I blame the phone. Who do you class as friends? I am the kind of person who would prefer 3 true friends to 300 fake friends […]