Box Trolls(U)

I truly believe that this film did not get enough advertisment for how good the film was and is. I think it teaches children a great message and it also made me as a young adult think about different things that are included in my life, I dont want to get to deap. But yes this is a great and interesting film which I would reccomend. I loved it. Something that is original and great about this film is at the end, during th sub titles two charators which are in the movie start talking, well if you have already watched this film you will understand the amaizing idea to show a man moving them. This is showing how this kind of film is made and they are telling the audience how this film was made and how much effort was put into it and you can see thats is had payed off. This is a great film for both adults and children and I just loved it. I would  reccomend this film to anybody of any ages and you wont get bored. If you do apoligies I really think you would love it! The editing and main story line in this film really does stand out and I loved how old fashion it looks, its just a very inspirational film! Enjoy! ❤


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