If you havnt already seen this film then you are really missing out. This has got to be one of my faverite films of all time and I cried at the end. Happy tears! This fim is soo inspirational and the world, Britain especially right now could take some notes from this film from the subject of standing up for certain rights but that is a whole different blog. I just think this film is so inspirational and insighting. I learnt so much from this film and learnt that a lot more about other people. It is a good laugh and great actors and actresses in it but (please excuse my french) bloody hell!. When ever I am and was asked about this film I get so excited because its one of those films where noone will undertsand how good this film is untill they have watched it and experienced it them selves. Absolutely loved it! Yes like I have already said I cried at the end but that is because of how happy I was that it had a happy ending. I cant explain it, you have to go and watch it. A great and inspirtational film! I recomend it if you havnt already noticed:D Enjoy<3


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