When I think about the word career I wince just a little. I don’t want to grow up and have to work 7 days a week. I want to continue being a teenager and slump around at the weekends and go out with all my friends, while I am working my 2 jobs, I am loving the way it is, rant over:).

In all seriousness, my dream career would either I become an amazing blogger who everybody reads and loves the blogs, hint hint, follow;D. OR in the fashion industry which I would love!. But we all don’t get what we want do we…so what does everybody want to do for a dream job? Its bloody hard work to get where you want to be and I am only 18 so god help me in the future. I definitely do believe that you really do have to work hard to achieve high. Its best this way because when you work super hard for something and not just necessarily in a career , you really feel like you have earnt it and its a great feeling. Obviously the best feeling also is pay day!:D

Many people have also said that less popular jobs such as for e.g (this is not what i personally think) Mc Donald’s, Tesco’s or Morrison’s etc is not a career. I do think it is a career but some people are not that bothered by where they have to work or what they have to do to make money and get by. This is a good trait to have when trying to find a  job and a career, especially when trying to get into the fashion industry like I am, this is an example, because in the fashion industry you have to work from the bottom up, work your way up to the position you want to be.  But when you get there it will all be worth it!


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