Forgiving Others

I can personally not hold a grudge so half the time I am forgiving people without even realizing but I don’t mind because I do believe that if you don’t forgive someone you could end up regretting it.

I say this but I do understand that there are different levels of things people can do which then effects whether forgiveness can happen or not. Cheating in marriages and relationships, doesn’t matter what gender, is wrong and in my opinion can be forgiven (if you are ready) because lets face it, if they are stupid enough to act out an action which would mean they have lost you, isn’t that punishment enough?;). Petty things on the other hand, for e.g my little sister can keep a grudge for weeks, I asked for my shoes back and she hated me for it and would not forgive me, even though I didn’t see why I had to be forgiven. This kind of thing should be forgiven, well this is how I feel, little “petty” things, doesn’t matter how annoying they are and I know how irritating it can be, should be forgiven (sorry for being morbid) but what happens if something happened to that person you are annoyed at, and then you never have a chance talk to them again.

I am saying all of this but I have a small problem of my own, its not a grudge, its hard to explain, I had a very lose friend who I considered my best friend of 7 years.  With the influence of a group of friends she wasn’t the nicest and I will never forgive her for that. Its not a grudge I just cant understand why she would treat somebody who was supposed to be her close friend the way she did and wouldn’t be able to trust or forgive her properly.

I am not a hypocrite and I do definitely believe that you should forgive people, but only if you completely believe it your self and you mean it…


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