This is going to be a post written on my phone which might even get deleted and then re-written on my laptop. Forgive any bad spelling or dramaticly bad sentences…I blame the phone.
Who do you class as friends? I am the kind of person who would prefer 3 true friends to 300 fake friends but thats just me. I am also the kind of person which my boyfriend classes as anti-social but I am not botherd, I do like the alone time which I can use to get on with stuff I enjoy doing. I do have friends, I talk to many people and go out nearly everyweekend, typical teenager but Im bad at making a huge effort or going out of my way to be friends or keep a friendship going if the other person included isnt trying…
Also at what extent would you fall out with your friend? Im obviously not talking about the childish playground fights you would have but the kind where you just dont bother because of an action or something. I do feel like friendships are much like relationships with the whole trust thing, I am conpletly against “talking about your friend behind peoples backs” if you dont like somebody or dont want to be there friend then dont, dont go to other people slateing that person of because it is only you who looks the bad one.
This isnt that long of a blog post because like I am on my phone probably failing at writting this:D please share, like, comment your opinion, and follow for more rants:D enjoy ❤


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