What do you associate with guilt?

I honestly think people get confused about guilt and just think about them self’s. I think when people have done something to effect somebody else and then feel “guilt” for doing it I just think sometimes people are just feeling upset about how they feel about the situation, I know its a little harsh to say that but we are all guilty< see what i did there, of doing this, at some point in time, aren’t we?

I have done it, don’t get offended when I say you have done it, only for the little things obviously. Although have you ever wondered whether murders and rapists ever feel guilt? I hope they do because that is a type of punishment they would have to deal with for the rest of their lives. “It would haunt them” as people say.  But what about small things like bullying, you would think they would feel bad, I do think that the intensity of guilt and the ability to understand why you feel guilty or even what it is comes with ages and maturity.

I am going to sound like a wise old women now, I am so not, but I don’t think people these days especially the teenagers that are now growing up understand guilt and what it is like to feel something negative about their actions and what they have done, there will be an odd number of children who have been taught this by there parents and thank you for that, but I do think that not many children are taught right about most things, but that’s a whole new blog…

I don’t cope with guilt at all. It eats me up, that’s if I do anything bad that it. I am to afraid to do anything bad, which is a good thing I know, because I know that what ever I do I will feel sooo guilty about it and how it will or has effected others I just don’t like it.I also feel so guilty about the simplest of things like eating the last apple because I don’t know how this will effect others in the house hold (I am sorry mum, it was me). I am kind of proud of that though because it does help me make the right decisions about certain things though.

I do believe over all of this that the past is the past and if you have done something wrong and feel guilty about then do something to change it, if that is not possible then don’t beat your self up about it because there is nothing you can do about it.


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