I love my pets! I grew up to the age of about 14 when I was able to get my first pet I could play with. I did have fish but I mean you cant pet those and throw the ball for them so do they count as good pets. Anyway yes my first dog was Sheba and she is the bottom left and I dont know what I would do without her, she is the cutest. Then I got Jess who is above shebe ,the top left. She is just a brat. When my boyfriend moved in he brought his geckos with him and he gave me the baby which at the time of the picture taken was about 2 weeks old, tiny and easy to lose. She did so nearly become dogs tea every now and then but whats a good pet without a couple of problems. The last animel at the bottom, the bird, ok was not my “pet” but in my defence I saved little Roger from being attacked by a very dangerouse ginger cat outside my house and I had him for about 22 hours so to me that is classed as a semi pet. There a semi pet.

Before I got my pets I would nag my parents to get me a pet because me and my sister always wanted one so bad but never got one. At the age of 5 I moved into my grandparents house with my sister, parents and grandparents, obviously. And my grandparents are the best in the world and after a while of us living there my grandparents went out for the day, me being me, I was upset they never took me with them but I soon forgave them when they returned with the cutest bundle of black fur, which I have to mention this, did pee on my nanna in the car but I forgave the puppy straight away, I cant say the same for my Nanna. She had a couple of problems with people and certain noises because she was taken away from her mum to early so (dont laugh) we had to get a doggy councellor for her. Yep you heard me a dog councellor…

Sheba was and is surprisingly a very very very intellegent dog. She new what was happening and seemingly why. She is also a very protective dog. This blog has just turned into all about my one pet but you will understand in a minute, I promsise. My mum chased me around the house with a  lobster, long story, and Sheba protected me by chasing my mum out of the house “GO SHEBA!”. Apart from the fact that she was my first pet and I love her to peices, when I was 15, this sounds very small, but I had appendicitus and the only person who stayed by my side when I was at home obviously was sheba. From what I remember I was in a lot of pain and did not know what to do but she wouold curl up next to me and not let anyone near me unless I said it was ok.I really felt better knowing she was there and I love her to peices for it. She was also so gentle with me when I came home from the hospital after having to haeeeeeeeeve them out. I love her if you havnt already realised it:D.

Any way yes pets are more then just pets to me, they a lot like part of the family, oh hell they are part of the family and I dont understand how people can abuse any type of animal they are the monsters, rant over! Enjoy<3


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