Self Confidence

This is a subject I never hear people talk about. I always feel like no one wants to generally tell the truth about how they feel about them self’s and let their guard down to other people, well I am for the hell of it. I am going to say what most people do and that is of course the media these days do not help at all with girls and their self confidence, even the girls with the tiny waste and long blonde hair is probably not confident, just plays the part. I for one am very lucky as growing up I was more of an outdoor girl,  I hardly ever watched TV and I didn’t have a computer or a phone until I was 14/15  and even then I never saw all these tiny models who are scaring some girls into feeling not good enough. I feel like this could go into a rant right now. I do understand however that some of the models, maybe most , cant help being skinny and that is the way they are and it is not their fault, and I have also seen “plus sized models” coming into business which is great!

But media is not always to blame if not at all sometimes, personally the reason why I  haven’t got much self confidence is because of people I know not purposely (i hope) putting me down, or for one instant completely ignoring me and my whole group of friends turning against me because of one person. As far as I can see this happens a lot with girls and boys but now a days even though it is not right I find people think it is normal. I have seen quotes of lists that every school has apparently got, e.g the geek, the jock and the lonely girl in the corner. I don’t think it is right. But also people who are in big groups of friends are still not self confident. This is all just a viscous circle that so far is getting worse.

I am learning to become more self confident and my advice is that everybody deserves self confidence because it is an ingredient you need to be happy and content with who you are, if something is pulling you down…change it, exercise more, get rid of that horrible friend who always has to be center of attention, what ever you need to do to help your self do it!


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