Self Control

My self control is terrible, one of my biggest down falls.

When I go out drinking with friends I am such a light weight because I drink my drink so quickly because I know I have it. I cant control myself not to pick it up and drink more because its there, its the same with food, if I know its there or I have something I eat it because I just cant help myself, please tell me I am not the only one…somebody?

Saying this I do have self control when I am talking to somebody, if anything I have to much self control. I am not the kind of person who just say things because they thought it and don’t process it before their mouth moves, although I would kind of be like to be like that, is that bad? Like everybody else in arguments I do find it harder to control myself and what I say but that is only a real issues if I completely lose my temper and that does take a lot.

But what about murderers (I am going deep here) do they have self control, can they stop themselves or is it something that they feel they need to do, I suppose it changes with every killer, wow I mention killers quit a lot over the last couple of blogs, I have nothing to do with killers or killing just to out that out there.

I am babbling…

Anyway, on a happier ish note, Is self control taught to you or are we all born with different levels or self control and then taught the rest, oh the amount of questions that can not really be answered but that is probably because I am thinking way to far into this subject.


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