What We Did On Our Holiday(12A)

This is one heck of a weird film! The narrative was totally unexpected but the acting and choice of actors and actresses was great. But like I said the narrative was an interesting one. To me a very unique film and something I would happily watch again. You do have to have a watch of this film to understand where I am comming form, just wow. You might not be so surprised but I dont want to ruin it for anybody. I am not even quite sure what genre to put it in because its just *speachless* and this doesnt happen very often. I would reccomend it it to people. I know it is a 12 A so I would have to worn parents if you are going to be taking your children to watch this film it has a theme of death. It might also give your a child a bad idea of what to do if they a with somebody who dies, just if they are easily missgueded dont take them. Its hard to explain without giving the narrative away. Just watch this film! Please, then leave a comment because I really want to talk to somebody about this film and its amazing weirdness. Enjoy<3


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