I am writing this blog because I am currently staying at my Grandparents house and they are just the best. I have only had one set of grandparents and they are all I need. I hope that every bodies grandparents are as amazing as mine! But seriously I depend on them for pretty much everything and anything.

There is a reason. As I may of already said in a different blog I lived with my grandparents for 10 years. I moved in at the age of 5 with my little sister and parents because the plan was to move to Australia. We sold our house and packed up and moved up to my grandparents house and it was great. Then time went by and we just never moved. My Nanna had and still does have some medical problems so we helped her out around the house and then she went into hospital for a short amount of time. Anyway the point is for me, from the ages between 5 and 15 (when me, my little sister and mum and dad moved) they brought me up as my mum worked all day and my dad worked nights.

They are the best people I know and I know its biased but they could do no wrong in my eyes. I do think family is important. I loved the saying Grandads are created to think of the ideas that the children didn’t. I think that is how it goes.

My Tattoo, On my right shoulder.

When I was little and living with them I used to help my Grandad feed the birds by filling the bird feeders. I used to love doing that and is one of my best childhood memories. Babbling again. I got myself a tattoo which I have added a picture to show you. My Nanna cried when I showed them but I think she would of forgotten by now as she is getting a little old. But I love them to piece and I don’t know what I would do without them.


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