Animal Abuse

I have titled this blog as animal abuse but what I want to talk about and, be warned have a complete rant about, is far worse then just “abuse”. Im talking about how so called Animal protective sights on facebook ect are adding footage of animals being skinned alive. The one video I have watched sickend me to the point I had to turn my phone off and go and be sick and I was just watcing it, not going through it. Now these sights which I shall not name,even though they should, say that with the money that they are begging for you to donate is going towards helping these animals which are being immorally attacked by something that should be helping them if anything, humans.

This is going to be a complete rant and there may be some french words, I am sorry in advance. But I am soooooo pissed. There are people who walk past these kind of acts every day and noone says or does anything to stop it! What kind of upbringing did they have to be able to do that and sleep at night. If it was up to me I would make them swap places! *Takes deap breathes*.

I have animals of my own and if anybody looked at them wrong then so help me. I cant be the only person with this opinion?. I just dont understand how any body can do something like this let alone get away with it. I think if you see anybody treating an animal the way they do then take the animal off them. I truly think animals should have the same rights as humans. I know that sounds wierd but if you kill an animal you get life or gets the same amount of time in prison if you had attacked and killed a person.

Just please, animals cant defend for themselves and when they do they get in trouble for that. Animals are no bodies punchings bags and it is bloody sick if any body thinks they have the right to do any sort of harm to any kind of animal!.


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