My Trip to Newyork

I would just like to explain that there could be many spelling mistakes and things that dont make sence because I am liking the idea of writing blogs on my phone while I am out and about.
It has been over a year since I went to newyork with my 6th form as part of a life experience. And that is exactly what it was, one heck of a life experience. It was my first time on a plane, my first time out of the country but it was just amazing.

On the plane to Newyork

I did not enjoy flying at all so it will be interesting when I finally get round to sorting the Australia trip.
I visited the 9/11 sight which really made me reflect on everything and it was such a touching experience, going into the church which was used by the fire fighters who came when they where of duty and the fire fighter who where on duty.
I also went up the empire state building which gave me a realisation of how big newyork was!


It was an amazong experience all round but this had to be my faverite! Although saying that i did go to watch Jersy Boys in broudway. I would of much rather of gone to see the Lion King but the teachers got to chose:(.
The one thing that really did upset me was the amount of homelessness there was. Just outside our hotel there was a women on the floor with a sign saying pregnant with no where to go. I felt terrible but we where not aloud to give money or approuch them. I also went onto the tube and one stop a gentleman came on with no shoes, ripped clothes and explained that he had come home from serving in the american army to find out that his house had been sold along with his stuff. He was now homeless and was begging for anything but I was not aloud to give anything.
For this reason I dont know if I would go again.
But this was a great experience and such an eye opener, I loved it!



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