As you can tell by the pictures in this blog I am a fan of food and I will openly admit I am not a small girl. But I am not going to to starve myself to look like some of these tiny modles. That is a whole different blog so I wont go on about that. Growing up my parents where very strict and I wouldnt be a loud to eat after a certain time and before certain times and my mum pretty much locked everything up. This was because she had a huge problem with eating and she was also a big lady. I take my hat of to the amount of weight she has lost, I am very jelous she now looks amazing. I am very proud of my mum for that. But as I have got older she feels like I am following her in the way she ate which is why she was so strict. The problem now is because I am older I feel like I can eat what I want and so I go and eat what I was never aloud to, this does not help me at all. Although my faverite food is pinapple I am still a lover of the killer foods with all the calories in. Yes lately there have been a lot of music and news about how bigger girls are good and actually goes on to a new level of “skinny shamming”.

imageWhat annoyes me the most about any of this stuff is that anarexic is and should be a highly concerning condition that effects peoples weight. Now, do you see what I put there, peoples weight. So when you try to explain to people that bigger people, I hate sayig fat, can be anarexic they just laugh and make fun of these “fat” people. If you look in history a typical womans body have big hipes for child birth. Nobody cared what woman looked like. I really do think that all this big bottom and small waste thing has gone way to far. I am going of topic a little bit.

imageAfter doing a bit of research I have learnt that some calaries are good for you. As long as you eat around equal of everything and dont over do the calaries which I love to do. If you look in the super market and go through what is healthy and what isn’t, all the unhealthy food is alot less expensive then the healthy food which I feel personaly does not help at all. I work A LOT and I find that when it is times to eat something running into a shop and grabbing food, the first thing to grab is something not very good for you but it is cheap and easy. You really need to put effort into eating healthy and thats easyer said then done, when you are for example on a budget for food or  dont have much time to worry about what you are eating. You just want to get something into your stomach so you get on with your job.
imageNow it is the begginging of decemeber so nearly christmas! So like me many people are probably going to be christmas mad with christmas dinner, pudding and of course a starter.  Also many people will be jumping on the new year resolution band wagon of losing weight for the new year but lets face it, you either wont lose it or like me you will just find the weight you lost and think f*** it. Everybody is beautiful and we should all love the way we look and not care what any body else thinks! Who is with me!?!


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