The Maze Runner(12A)

I havent done many blogs about films lately so thought I would do another one.

This film was totally unexpected! I honeslty thought it was going to be a cheap nock off of the Hunger Games but how wrong was I! This film is unique and so intersting. I went and watched this film many times. Everybody who went and watched this film came out of the screen wanting more and I know why. This film ends with such a twist every bodies head hurt. But in a good way, if that makes any sence. I think this flm was such a good watch and the acting was great. The narrative and story to his film was soo interesting, it never got boring there was always something going on. If you havn’t watched this film yet I am sorry but I have to say this, them things in the maze where terrifying! I didnt find it that funny. For me this film would be a perfect watched if there were more humour in it. That is my only dig. apart from that point I did find this film intertesting and would recommend to everybody all though I dont think this is a film EVERYBODY would like which is understandble. Enjoy <3.


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